Gather Journal

Two of my former Nylon coworkers just launched Gather Journal. It’s gorgeous, and I wrote a tiny ode to J-E-L-L-O for it.


Father John Misty

I interviewed Josh Tillman while sitting in his van, parked on a side street in Echo Park. For the record, we did not get stoned, though it might sound like that was the case. He’s an interesting dude. His Twitter makes me LOL every time I see it, and his video, starring Aubrey Plaza, for “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” is better than 99 percent of the movies I’ve seen over the past several years.


Emma Mulholland

I wrote about the Australian fashion designer Emma Mulholland for The FADER. Man, Aussies have the life!


Party time, excellent

My really good friend Bobby Whigham (Hi Bobby! I know you have a Google alert for your name!!! Love you!) made these rad t-shirts for Blood is the New Black. I love this shirt because Wayne’s World is one of my favorite movies. I once sat at home alone, drinking a vegan white russian, because there was no alcohol other than vodka and Kahlua and no mixer other than soy milk, watching Wayne’s World on cable and laughing, laughing laughing. This was either the highest point of my life, or the lowest. Pretty sure it’s the highest.



A brief toe-dip into lifecoaching, via phone sessions from the sidewalks of Soho.


Rookie Road Trip

Rookie Road Trip from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

I really love Rookie, and often wonder how something like that would have made a difference in my life. I probably would have been way cooler, dressed better, and not had crushes on so many dumb boys (well, maybe only the first two). So I was beyond stoked to get to work with them on this project, which is still unfolding. TBD…


Monster Children: Patrick O’Dell and Angela Boatwright

This is one of my favorite stories that I have ever done: I interviewed photographers and friends Patrick O’Dell and Angela Boatwright for Monster Children. Photography is confusing to me sometimes, because it’s a hard art form to get right. So many people do it, yet so few do it right. This was a really inspiring conversation to have.


Oyster #99: Myla Dalbesio

I recently interviewed and wrote about the amazingly talented Myla Dalbesio for Oyster #99, the all-girl issue. Myla is so rad—beautiful, smart, funny, and hot, hot, hot.


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